We are a welcoming and professional team of acupuncturists who are passionate about acupuncture. We provide gentle and effective treatments and are experienced in supporting people with the wide reaching effects of acupuncture.

We created the Affordable Acupuncture Team to help further our common aims of ensuring our care is accessible and affordable to many people in our community.

Our team is experienced to help you with your health:

  • We have extensive training backgrounds and clinical experience in restoring health and wellbeing with traditional acupuncture
  • We approach treatment by drawing on thousands of years of practice and development from East Asian medicine, combined with contemporary based clinical training and evidence
  • By taking time to look at both the symptoms and underlying causes of disease, we create unique treatments for each one of our clients, supporting them in their own route to wellness
  • As members of the British Acupuncture Council we are bound to strict codes of conduct and professional practice, and are committed to continual post graduate training.

Access to the community clinic has been made easy for you:

 Sending wishes for your good health and happiness

Heather and Jenny

 British Acupuncture Council Members